I Doubt It #025 – “MacBooks Are Not Laptops, Elliot Rodger Is Not Simply A Misogynist, and Narcissism Is Not What You Think.”

I Doubt It #024 – “Screening of Documentary – “My Week In Atheism”, Christian Kids “Bullying” Gays, Santa Barbara Murderer – Elliot Rodger, Pedophile Brain Scans, and Pew Research Center’s New Data.”

I Doubt It #023 – “Harry Potter Stealing Strippers, Reinstated Child-Porn Psychiatrists, Stimulant Taking Toddlers, Exclusive Honor Rolls, and Unwarranted State Praise For Gay Rights.”

I Doubt It #022 – “Homeschooling Prom Perverts, Childless Birth Control Whores, Angry Ohio Kindergarten Teachers, Two Year Old Tossed in Pool, and Florida Sex With a Beer Can!”

I Doubt It #021 – “Dumbass Donald Sterling Is Droopy Dog, Sean Hannity Should Shut His Hole, And Is Clay Aiken A Killer?”

I Doubt It #020 – “Mother’s Day, Kevin Durant, Pools Of Sticky Semen, Donald Sterling Is At It Again, Bill Donohue Is Bad At Math, and Young Blood Is Getting It Done.”

I Doubt It #019 – “Misused Words, Freedom of Assembly, Marrying a MacBook, Jr. High Holocaust, and Israeli Poop Pills.”