I Doubt It #SICK – “Jesse’s Voice Decided to Bail on Him After Too Much Revelry During His Birthday.”

I Doubt It #033 – “Kim Jong Un is Pissed, Hillary Didn’t Learn Her Lesson, 300 ADVISERS, Rep. Paul “Skip” Stam, Bob Jones University Rape Counselling, Banned Little Libraries, and Florida Files.”

I Doubt It #032 – “Courtesy Wipes, Misleading Headlines, Pope Francis on Addiction and Childless Pet-Owners, Frivolous Legislation, Hypocrite Jenny McCarthy, and Sexy Mug Shot Guy.”

I Doubt It #031 – “Dr. Oz is a Reiki Master, Deepak Chopra Challenges James Randi, Pole Dancing Kiddos, Bus-Driving Bullet Stopping Bible Believing Liar, Prejudice Americans.”

I Doubt It #030 – “Child Rapist Priest Thomas Adamson, Rick Perry is NOT a Doctor, Connie Trube Hates It When “They Really Turn Black,” Cool Kids Go Bad, Dirty Babies are Better, and More Terrible Advice from Pat Robertson.”

I Doubt It #029 – “Archbishop Robert J. Carlson, Oklahoma’s Gay-Hating Scott Esk, Dead-Broke Hillary Clinton, The Awful Waffle House Assholes, Sexting Docs, Body-Talk About Miss Indiana, and Florida’s CRYSTAL METHANY.”

I Doubt It #028 – “Loud Talkers, Fox News, Shepherd Smith is Awesome, Tucker Carlson is NOT Awesome, and The Onion Hiding Behind Satire with its Food Stamp Stand.”