I Doubt It #042 – “Sounds Like An Earful, Ray Rice and Stephen A. Smith Apologize, Whoopi Goldberg Advocates, Fox News Is A Turd, Jesse Ventura Has No Shame, Sarah Palin Costs $10 A Month, #ThisPersonExists, and John Walsh On The Hunt”

I Doubt It #041 – “Eric Stonestreet Rejects Rick Santorum’s Advances, Genius – Michele Bachmann, Sterilization Of Addicts Is A Bit Much, Mimicking Voices, Creepy Porcelain Dolls, Sex Toy Lost In Vagina For TEN Years, and The Florida Files”

I Doubt It #040 – “Bumper Sticker Hate, Obama’s Not Hitler Follow-Up, Auschwitz Selfie, Sex Spreadsheet Shaming, 3 Day Work Week, 80 Year Old Shooter, Kim Jong Un Is Mad, and Anderson Cooper Is A Sassy Boss”

I Doubt It #039 – “Obama Is NOT Hitler, Bryan Fischer and Bob & Mike Frey Are NOT Homosexuals, and Religious Children and Their Trouble With Reality.”

I Doubt It #038 – “Claustrophobic Jesse, Inappropriate Obama, Six Californias, Comcast Crazies, Best Friends Really Are Like Family, What Would Jesus Think, and How Americans View Religious Groups

I Doubt It #037 – “#Hashtags, Listener Tim On Polygamy, Fart Study Is Irresponsible, Pillowcase Rapist Released, Virginia Child Porn Police, and VA Congressional Candidate Is A Turd!”

I Doubt It #036 – “Ryan Bell from A Year Without God Checks His Privilege, Brittany’s Grad School, Idaho’s Rare Humanists, Russian Priest Hates Toucan Sam, Brian the Bummed Bonobo.”