I Doubt It #051 – “Costco Samples, Caller Todd, More Burnt Reynolds, Another Flight Diverted Due to Asshats, Cursing Is Good (Despite Sean), Positive Tales – Better for Children, Obama Has No Strategy, Goodell’s Change of Heart, Florida Files, and Takin’ Care of Biz!”

I Doubt It #050 – “Sink Water, Date-Rape Nail Polish, Spiral of Silence, Pat Robertson and His Lunacy, Banning Confederate Flags and Twilight Books, and Dumbasses On An Airplane”

I Doubt It #049 – “Brittany’s Inconsistent Neurosis, Richard Dawkins Part III, War Machine’s Wisdom, Dr. Kent Brantly Saved By God, Don Lemon VS Rapper, and Dan Page the Doofus”

I Doubt It #048 – “Dumb Kid Beliefs, Angry Listener Comment, Ferguson Fiasco Continues, Ohio Pro-Life Activists Hates Boobs, Male vs Female Bosses, How Much Is $100 Worth In Your State, and Florida Files”

I Doubt It #047 – “Brittany Aquafina Champ, Cydney’s “Funny” Racist Teacher, Sean’s F-word Mash-up, Dollemocracy 2016, Ferguson Fiasco, Drinking and Smoking In The US, Cancer Survivors Love To Smoke, and Takin’ Care of Biz”

I Doubt It #046 – “Missouri Hates Profanity, Denmark Fan Mail, Yelp Guy Proselytizing Part Duh!, We ‘Celebrate’ ISIS, Robin Williams’ Suicide w/ Listener, Evan.”

I Doubt It #045 – “Kevin’s call, Yelp Proselytizing, Mary’s Gourmet Change of Heart, Rick Wiles – Ann Coulter – Donald Trump on Ebola, Gay Man’s Funeral Cancelled, Oklahoma Christian Raping Orphans and Pantless Teacher, Fremont’s Sex Ed Petition, and New Segment: Takin’ Care of Biz”