I Doubt It #SICK – “A Headache for Us Means a Headache for You. We Will be Back on Thursday with a Year End Wrap-up”

I Doubt It #084 – “MERRY CHRISTMAS, Angelina Jolie’s No-Cursing Rule, Rush Limbaugh Wants White James Bond, Is Cancer a Battle?, Truth Wiener Gaylard Williams, and Controversial Conversations Make Changes”

I Doubt It #083 – “Jesse’s Torturous Tunes, Dr. Oz the Charlatan, Pat Robertson’s Wacky Wisdom, Sony Hack, Jesus Mentioned at Hanukkah Celebration?, Fattest Profession, and Pew Research’s latest on CIA Torture Report”

I Doubt It #082 – “Twitter Talk, Donald Trump and Jeb Bush, Mormon Alien Art, Satanic Holiday Display, Gay Wedding Cakes Are Bad, Ohio Freshman Refuses Homework, Michigan Professor “Hates” Republicans, and Idaho Trends on Facebook!”

I Doubt It #081 – “Torture Tunes w/ Dick Cheney, Dollemocracy ‘16 feat. Hillary Clinton Millionaire Survey, Michele Bachmann’s Farewell, Christopher Hitchens Tribute, Pew on Greatest Threats, Darwin Award Study, and Anderson Cooper Takes Care of Biz!”

I Doubt It #080 – “Double-Dipping Debate, Burnt’s First Call, Torture Report, Food Babe Fires Back, Neil deGrasse Tyson Hates Atheist Label, Dictatorial Delights, Postal Worker Steals Mail, Florida Files feat. a Lottery-Winning Sex Offender and Takin’ Care of Biz!”

I Doubt It #079 – “NPR Smashes Food Babe, Bill Cosby’s Star is Marred, Coast Guard Admiral William Lee Thinks He’s a Chaplain, Canadian Court Okays Native Woman to Kill Daughter, and Glitter Poop”