I Doubt It #110 – “Charlotte Laws’ “Intolerant Jackass Act”, Dollemocracy ’16 feat. Hillary Clinton, Indiana Governor Mike Pence, Rand Paul’s Moral Crisis, Al Melvin Review, Sylvia Allen’s Mandatory Church, College Readiness, FDA and Homeopathy, Brats on War Memorial, and Florida Files feat. Lots of Poop!”

I Doubt It #109 – “Bummer for Bowe Bergdahl, Dollemocracy w/ Ted Cruz and Candidate’s Faiths, CNN Atheist Special, Phil Robertson’s Rape Tale, Matt McLaughlin’s ‘Sodomite Suppression Act’, Arabic Pledge of Allegiance, A$$hole of Today – George Zimmerman, Takin’ Care of Biz w/ Angelina Jolie.”

I Doubt It #108 – “Sharenting Debate, Dollemocracy ’16 feat. Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush, Hasim Quereshi of CAGE, Solar Eclipse Ban, Least Religious College Freshmen, Dr. Pepper Saves Life, and Florida Files!”

I Doubt It #107 – “Facebook Unfriending, Curt Schilling and Ashley Judd Twitter Trolling, “Sharenting”, Ryan Bell Joins Us To Discuss Presbyterians Changing the Rules!”

I Doubt It #106 – “NYPD Wikipedia Edits, Fox News #1, Baby Flag Controversy, Creflo Dollar NEEDS $60M, Measles Bet Gone Wrong, Bride Wants Math, Sam Simon Hates Animals Testing, Distrust of Science is Everyone’s Problem, and Takin’ Care of Biz.”

I Doubt It #105 – “Old People Smell Like Fighting, Hillary Clinton’s Emails, Andrew Jackson Hates Paper Money, Pew Research on Leaving Your Religion, ISIL Loves Twitter, Smoking is Probably Not Good for You, American Tourists Get Some Advice From Jesse.”

I Doubt It #104 – “Wacky-Church-Stuff, Dollemocracy ’16 feat. Joe Biden and Dan Savage, Idaho Atheist -Gary Mitchell on Sentator Response to Hindu Prayer, UC Irvine Votes to Ban Flag, Catholic School Not Attending Parade, School Lunches Around World, and 10 Tips for Business Meetings”