Megyn Kelly Addressing Donald Trump’s Sexism with 24 Million Watching!

The importance of Megyn Kelly’s question to Donald Trump the other night during the ‪‎Republican primary debate is illustrated in comments I’ve seen on articles about it this morning. Here are a few:

“Megyn Kelly is a bimbo and got Trumped!”

“Megyn Kelly belongs on her knees… in front of Donald Trump.”

“Megyn Kelly should just sit there and look pretty. All downhill as soon as she says anything.”

“Megyn Kelly would look fantastic on her knees.”

“Megyn Kelly should be ashamed.”

“Megyn Kelly dressed like a prostitute asks Trump if he disrespects women. Ummmm…”

Thanks to Megyn Kelly for standing for all women when she asked that question. I’m sure she knew what would follow given Donald Trump’s history. Also, realize you’re part of the problem if you disregard all women who work at Fox News because of their hair color/appearance. Yes. If you’ve shared that meme showcasing the countless blonde women working at Fox News, you’re contributing to this. Yes, Megyn Kelly is beautiful. Yes, she is attractive. Yes, she has blonde hair. These things shouldn’t matter when evaluating her abilities as she is moderating a presidential debate. Her looks and hair color suggest nothing about her abilities. In that moment, her intelligence and power are on display. Her ability to ask challenging questions. I’m thankful to her for taking a stand on an important issue – the way powerful men talk about women and how it’s accepted by society (did you hear those cheers?). She shined a light on Donald Trump’s disturbing behavior and we should all be thankful for that. – BP

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