#723 – “TV & Movie Binges, Final Update, $15 Minimum Wage, Where is Q?, and Takin’ Care of Biz feat. Rep. Al Green of New York.”

Jesse and Brittany discuss their recent pandemic-binging of movies and TV shows, a final update on Popeye’s surgery, listener emails and voicemails related to trans rights and the inaction of Democrats, as well as the fight over the $15 minimum wage and the Senate Parliamentarian, Tucker Carlson’s inability to find Qanon on the internet, and Takin’ Care of Biz featuring Rep. Al Green of New York. 

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About the Author
Youtube nobody, podcast host, mildly talented (future failed) writer, and human... I'm playing the rest by ear! (657) 464-7609

7 comments on #723 – “TV & Movie Binges, Final Update, $15 Minimum Wage, Where is Q?, and Takin’ Care of Biz feat. Rep. Al Green of New York.”

  1. Neill Conroy MNI says:

    Not a fan of awards shows. Never have and at this point probably never will. I don’t understand the fascination.

  2. Neill Conroy MNI says:

    It is two different things to violate a rule that is Incedental to the subject at hand (budget reconciliation) and to cancel a rule in its entirety (60 vote rule).

  3. Neill Conroy MNI says:

    How about the Democratic Party deal with the rule, by either amending it, or passing the $15 specifically (as Brittany was hinting at). Force the Rebooblicans to go on the record.

  4. Neill Conroy MNI says:

    Meghan McCain, co-host of The View, is not a priority. And should not be a priority. Period! Perhaps she should go to one of the sites where vaccinations are offered, and when the scheduled appointments are completed, be available for any leftover shots. Several people have been successful at being vaccinated that way. Of course, it might be inappropriate for the Princess of Arizona and co-host of The View, to wait in a line for anything!


  5. Neill Conroy MNI says:

    Again on the 60 vote thing. When the Democratic Party was in the minority, the filibuster rule served them very well. While it is true that the most famous use of the rule belongs to a Rebooblican reading Dr. Seuss (his existence has already been given more than enough oxygen in this news cycle, so he will remain nameless), it is nonetheless a useful tool. If it is submarined by the Democratic Party, they will come to regret it. Whether it is worth that much is the real argument.

  6. Daniel J Stepka says:

    taking about popi is just fine we like that u’s have a life and will share thanks for the pod cast and u tube also a vet, got my frist shot

    1. Daniel J Stepka says:

      ps i don’t konw what ps mean’s but i i’m glad Brittany brought u along great team u up greaded very nicely

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