#826 – “Fraud & Bans, Media Framing Threats on Democracy, Special Master, Undercover Spies for GOP, and Takin’ Care of Biz feat. Clara Sorrenti.” 

Jesse and Brittany discuss a recent fraud experience involving Brittany’s license plates, Jesse’s ban from TikTok and Jordan Peterson’s continued whining about being banned from Twitter, continuing changes at CNN and fears surrounding how media is framing threats to democracy, the chaos surrounding appointing of a special master in Mar-a-Lago search and DOJ’s appeal, efforts to train poll workers to “break rules” to support and act as “undercover spies” on behalf of the Republican Party, the Pennsylvania Senate race, and Takin’ Care of Biz feat. Clara Sorrenti. 

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3 comments on #826 – “Fraud & Bans, Media Framing Threats on Democracy, Special Master, Undercover Spies for GOP, and Takin’ Care of Biz feat. Clara Sorrenti.” 

  1. Karen Roberts says:

    Hi guys

    The stolen license plates problem is a thing, and the DMV knows this. They told me at our post office when I ordered new plates for my car as the old ones were unreadable (a custom plate I indulged in when I had a 66 mustang in the 80’s, and kept all these years….the plates, not the Mustang :P) that I was lucky they had arrived. License plates disappearing through the mail is a real thing. Maybe you should try a postal inspector about this? Just a thought……what a pain in the butt.

  2. Robert Lane says:

    Since all of the classified documents, up to this point, have been found at Malagogo,
    Should it not be treated a s a crime scene, and closed down?

  3. Cyninoregon says:

    I’d suggest you contact the deputy city attorneys in each city where the tickets are being issued. (If it’s L.A. or an unincorporated part of L.A. County, you may be unfortunate–they can be overwhelmed with work. But incorporated cities require a responsiveness from their city attorneys offices (or county counsels.) I once was a deputy city attorney and we would have had to take care of your problem or we could have lost our jobs. You also should send letters to city council members where tickets are being issued, cc them on letters to the City Attorneys Offices so they feel pressure to get this resolved. (just write letters and plug in names of each city council member for each one of that ticket, same for city attorney’s offices…) Remember, tickets are from the city. Police issuing them are at the bottom of the hierarchy, city councils/mayors at the top. City attorneys collect (unless it’s a D.A.’s office issue because of high dollar value) money, take you to court if you fail to pay–they don’t want to chase someone who is across the country. They may want their cops to be on then lookout for someone driving with stolen plates–a lot worse than a Parker who overstayed their hour or two.. The DMV has no reason to fix the situation–you are gone, they aren’t trying to collect on the tickets. But the jurisdictions issuing tickets want to get rid of/crack down on the person getting those tickets. They are wasting time issuing tickets that will be ignored they have someone scoffing at their laws who might park dangerously, in front of hydrants, etc. Think tactically. Consider how govt is organized. City, county, state. And in each city/county, the police (sheriff in counties), the city attorney’s office (D.A. in each county), city council at top (county council in counties)–elected to supervise running the govt. Counties cover the state and where cities never incorporate, the counties will run things in place of a city govt). Fit your tickets into the structure of govt–then you’ll know who has authority to stop the tickets coming, cancel the ones you already got.

    Hope this helps. It’s important to request relief from the correct entity. Only they are motivated… Nightmares can happen where innocent people are held to account for what criminals are doing. Unpaid parking tickets turn into arrest warrants–you fly into California and end up in jail with no way to prove to a judge you did not live there then–it’s what every criminal says too! Have a folder of letters in your suitcase (if you go back to CA) with you proving you wrote letters to everyone–and use your movers contracts to back-up your move–any letters to cancel utilities, notice to landlord or sale of home…these also prove to attorneys that you really moved. Even if they fail to remedy your situation, your attempt to get them to do so is fantastic proof to protect you from consequences of what those monsters are deliberately doing to you. Any judge would quash a warrant for your arrest with that sort of documentation. You are too young to have this follow you thru life. Good luck!

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