Brian from Liar City

#212 – “Brian from Liar City’s Visit, Spanking Study, Tennessee Governor is the Worst, Denny Hastert – Pedophile, Primary Results, Donald Trump’s Various Positions, Megyn Kelly’s Upcoming Interview, Shep on Crasich, Cruz/Carly, Jane Sanders’ Challenge, and Uplifting Judge Encounter.”

Jesse and Brittany discuss their adventures with Brian from Liar City, Marius’ recommendation that we discuss the latest spanking study, Tennessee governor Bill Haslam’s decision to sign a bill allowing therapists to deny services to LGBT individuals, Denny Hastert’s court appearance where he admitted molesting children, primary results in five states from Tuesday, Donald Trump’s reversal of positions on acting presidential and transgender issues, Megyn Kelly’s upcoming interview with Donald Trump, Shep Smith’s take on Crasich, Cruz/Carly 2016, Jane Sanders’ challenge to Hillary Clinton, and an uplifting story about a Florida judge and her former middle school classmate.

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