BONUS #068 – “Jim Robenalt, author of ‘Ballots and Bullets: Black Power Politics and Urban Guerrilla Warfare in 1968 Cleveland.’”

Jesse and Brittany interview Jim Robenalt, author of Ballots and Bullets: Black Power Politics and Urban Guerrilla Warfare in 1968 Cleveland. During the discussion, they cover the history of clashes between the African American community and the police in America, Americans’ support (or lack thereof) for different types of protest and resistance, the current political climate, and predictions for Donald Trump’s future.

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#208 – “April Fools Duh and Liar City, Anti-LGBT “Religious Liberty” Bills in the South, Donald Trump is a Creep-Ass, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton Spar on the Banks, Megyn Kelly with Katie Couric, and 9 y/o Hilde Lysiak is Takin’ Care of Biz!”

Jesse and Brittany answer a listener’s email about April Fools Day as well as a voice mail about Jesse softening about Bernie. Follow-up revolves around a slew (yeah that’s right, a SLEW) of hateful “religious liberty” bills in the South that target LGBT communities. Dollemocracy features Donald Trump talking about the possible size of his infant daughter’s breasts and a former campaign aide (Roger Stone) threatens Pennsylvania delegates. Do not forget about the Bernie Sanders vs. Hillary Clinton dust up related to his seeming inability to answer a question about breaking up the big banks. Megyn Kelly chats with Katie Couric, and 9 year-old Hilde Lysiak is reportin’ the news and Takin’ Care of Biz!

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I Doubt It #050 – “Sink Water, Date-Rape Nail Polish, Spiral of Silence, Pat Robertson and His Lunacy, Banning Confederate Flags and Twilight Books, and Dumbasses On An Airplane”