Conrad Hackett

I Doubt It #167 – “USC w/ Pew’s Conrad Hackett, Aggro SC Cop – Ben Fields, Dollemocracy ’16 w/ Donald Trump on Burkas and $1 Million Loans, Ben Carson is #1 and John Kasich is FED-UP, Men Love/Hate Smart Women, FLDS Mom-Job Application, 1930’s Advice for Single Ladies, and Cosmo Mag is the WORST!”

Jesse and Brittany discuss their attendance at a lecture hosted by USC featuring Pew Research Center’s Demographer, Conrad Hackett. They talk about SC school resource officer, Ben Fields, and his abhorrent treatment of a child in a classroom. Dollemocracy features new polling data and new front runners, Donald Trump being Donald Trump and John Kasich telling it like he sees it… FINALLY. Men apparently love smart women until they actually have to talk to them. Also a job application for the job of mom is given to jr. high girls in a fundamentalist Mormon school. A terrible guide for single ladies from the 1930’s is discussed as well as a modern-day equivalent – Cosmopolitan Magazine.


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