I Doubt It #064 – “Ebola in the Media, Dallas Cowboys’ Joseph Randle Shoplifts, Vatican Proposes Shift for Gays, Facebook and Apple Pay to Freeze Eggs, It’s Too Late For Stephen Collins, and Gay Marriage Facebook Comments”

I Doubt It #052 – “More War Machine, Dollemocracy 2016 ft. Rick Perry, Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden. Sean Hannity w/ Anjem Choudary and Phil Robertson, #TheFappening and a Penn Jillette Tweet.”

I Doubt It #042 – “Sounds Like An Earful, Ray Rice and Stephen A. Smith Apologize, Whoopi Goldberg Advocates, Fox News Is A Turd, Jesse Ventura Has No Shame, Sarah Palin Costs $10 A Month, #ThisPersonExists, and John Walsh On The Hunt”

I Doubt It #031 – “Dr. Oz is a Reiki Master, Deepak Chopra Challenges James Randi, Pole Dancing Kiddos, Bus-Driving Bullet Stopping Bible Believing Liar, Prejudice Americans.”

I Doubt It #028 – “Loud Talkers, Fox News, Shepherd Smith is Awesome, Tucker Carlson is NOT Awesome, and The Onion Hiding Behind Satire with its Food Stamp Stand.”

I Doubt It #025 – “MacBooks Are Not Laptops, Elliot Rodger Is Not Simply A Misogynist, and Narcissism Is Not What You Think.”