#253 – “Adventurous Adventure, Helmut Norpoth’s Predictions, Megyn Kelly vs. Newt Gingrich, FiveThirtyEight’s Election Predictions, Trump TV and Tomi Lahren, and Takin Care of Biz feat. Gerald Daugherty.”

Jesse and Brittany discuss their last-minute trip to Nashville (recommendations welcome!), Helmut Norpoth’s interesting predictions for who will win the election, Megyn Kelly vs. Newt Gingrich showdown on Fox News, FiveThirtyEight’s latest election predictions, Trump TV updates, and Takin’ Care of Biz featuring Gerald Daugherty.

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I Doubt It #110 – “Charlotte Laws’ “Intolerant Jackass Act”, Dollemocracy ’16 feat. Hillary Clinton, Indiana Governor Mike Pence, Rand Paul’s Moral Crisis, Al Melvin Review, Sylvia Allen’s Mandatory Church, College Readiness, FDA and Homeopathy, Brats on War Memorial, and Florida Files feat. Lots of Poop!”