#245 – “Drop-Dead Jesse, Rape, Donald Trump’s Short Memory, Trump Foundation Investigated, Still No Taxes, Scolded by Black Pastor, Steve King Douchechill, Shame-Happy Cops.”

Jesse and Brittany discuss his LOUD voice, an angry caller, rape on campus and North America generally. Donald Trump apparently wants America to forget all the insane and terrible things he’s said, and instead focus on Hillary Clinton single “basket of deplorables” statement. Also discussed is the impending investigation into the Donald J. Trump Foundation, the fact that Donald Trump has still yet to release his taxes and his campaign is not only unapologetic about it, but defiant! Donald Trump gets scolded at a black church in Flint, Michigan. Steve King proves himself an anti-science turd when talking about same-sex couples and global climate change. Also, A$$hole of Today involves some drug-addict-shaming-cops in Ohio who also targeted an innocent four-year-old child.

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