I Doubt It #055 – “#parkingfailure, Mormon Bullying-Awareness, Sarah Palin’s Drunken Snowmobile Party Fight, Pastors Becoming Atheists in Droves, GWB vs. Hitler, Kanye West Bullies Disabled Kids, Autistic Abusers Caught, and Indio Downey’s Recovery”

I Doubt It #052 – “More War Machine, Dollemocracy 2016 ft. Rick Perry, Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden. Sean Hannity w/ Anjem Choudary and Phil Robertson, #TheFappening and a Penn Jillette Tweet.”

I Doubt It #032 – “Courtesy Wipes, Misleading Headlines, Pope Francis on Addiction and Childless Pet-Owners, Frivolous Legislation, Hypocrite Jenny McCarthy, and Sexy Mug Shot Guy.”

I Doubt It #013 – “Florida F*ck Ups, Silent Liberals, and Flip Floppity Anti-Vaxxer – Jenny McCarthy.”