Jerry Falwell

#511 – “Dental Sales, Two Extra Years, Steve Mnuchin Cartoon Villain, Donald Trump Jr’s Subpoena, and A$$hole of Today feat. Warwick School District.”

Jesse and Brittany discuss the problem of dental up-selling, listener emails and voicemails related to the state of democracy in America and prisoners voting, Donald Trump’s retweet of Jerry Falwell Jr. calling for two extra years in Trump’s presidency, Steve Mnuchin’s refusal to release Donald Trump’s tax information, Donald Trump Jr’s subpoena to testify before Congress, and A$$hole of Today featuring Warwick School District in Rhode Island.


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I Doubt It #177 – “Spider Terror, George Zimmerman = The Worst?, Dollemocracy ’16 feat. San Bernardino Terrorism, Trump and Rubio’s Knee-Jerks, NY Daily News Cover, Jerry Falwell = Terrorist?, Presidential Address, Ben Carson Loves Hummus, Hillary Clinton’s Rape Question, and Pseudo-Profound Bull$hit.”

Jesse and Brittany discuss spider terror, George Zimmerman’s latest douche bag moves, Dollemocracy ’16 featuring San Bernardino terrorist attack, Trump’s knee-jerk reactions, New York Daily News cover, Jerry Falwell Jr. living up to his name, Marco Rubio’s knee-jerk reactions, Ben Carson’s snacky brain, and Hillary Clinton’s awkward question, and then wrapped up with some pseudo-profound bull$hit!

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