Jessica Kirkland

I Doubt It #151 – “Mariah Carey Deer, Listener Feedback, Jessica Kirkland and Breathe Fire, Dollemocracy w/ Joe Biden – Donald Trump’s Racist Endorsements, Christian Support, and War w/ Megyn Kelly and Fox News, 538 on Trump’s Perpetual Attention Machine, and Avocado as a Gift!”

Jesse and Brittany discuss a hilarious video featuring Mariah Carey and a distressed deer, listener feedback from Kevin and Mark, Jessica Kirkland responds to the Josh Duggar – Ashley Madison scandal with a facebook post about teaching her daughters to breathe fire, Dollemocracy features Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Topics may include racism, Fox News, and wishy-washy Christians. Nate Silver writes about Donald Trumps “perpetual attention machine” and a boy responds to an avocado as a present!
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