Kirsten Gillibrand

#481 – “Marcus the Contest Winner!, Tulsi Gabbard’s Past, William Barr’s Hearing, Changing Minds, Kirsten Gillibrand is Running, and Rudy’s Moving Goalposts.”

Jesse and Brittany are joined by Marcus from North Carolina, the winner of the Patreon co-host contest. Together, they discuss listener emails and voicemails related to Tulsi Gabbard’s past statement about LGBTQ+ issues and William Barr’s hearing, issues related to changing minds on scientific facts like climate change and genetically-modified foods, Kirsten Gillibrand’s announcement that she’s forming an exploratory committee to run for president, William Barr’s responses to questions about the Mueller investigation, and Rudy Giuliani’s moving goalposts.


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#310 – “Sickness Delay, Reality Winner’s NSA Leak, Russia Investigations & Intel Leaders’ Testimony, A$$hole of Today ft. Karen Handel, and Takin’ Care of Biz ft. Kirsten Gillibrand.”

Jesse and Brittany discuss the sickness that delayed the show, listener emails and voicemail on Bill Maher, criticism of religion, and women in film, Reality Winner’s document leak from the NSA to the Intercept, the testimony provided by intel leaders Andrew McCabe, Dan Coats, and Mike Rogers, A$$hole of Today featuring Karen Handel’s comment on a living wage, and Kirsten Gillibrand is Takin’ Care of Biz.

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