I Doubt It #020 – “Mother’s Day, Kevin Durant, Pools Of Sticky Semen, Donald Sterling Is At It Again, Bill Donohue Is Bad At Math, and Young Blood Is Getting It Done.”

I Doubt It #018 – “Social Media Humble Braggers and Slacktivists, Joel McHale’s WHCD, and Purity Balls.”

I Doubt It #014 – “It’s Easter And Apparently He’s Risen, The Passes For Pope Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Gay Cows, And Makeshift Kidnap PSAs”

I Doubt It #009 – “Modern Family Poison, Douchechill Judge and Child Rapist, and Capital “M” Men.”

I Doubt It #002 – “Bachmann’s Gay Bully, Swanson’s Weiner Don’t Lie, and Derp!”

I Doubt It #001 – “Asshole Atheists, Dick Baby Puppets, and Teen Lesbians”