Malala Yousafzai

#229 – “Tomi Lahren, LGBT Star Fakes Attack, Heebie Jobbies, WaPo vs Trump, Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton, Hillary vs FBI, Gary Johnson speaks, and Malala is Takin’ Care of Biz.”

Jesse and Brittany discuss Jesse’s latest YouTube take down of Tomi Lahren, Hilde Lysiak of Orange Street News’ book deal, Calum Mcswiggan’s fake LGBT attack, a woman at a Donald Trump rally who doesn’t understand what she’s saying, the Washington Posts’ latest hit pieces against Donald Trump related to his finances, Loretta Lynch’s strange meeting with Bill Clinton on an airplane, Hillary Clinton’s FBI questioning, Gary Johnson’s take on the election, and Malala is takin’ care of biz with her charitable giving!

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