BONUS #068 – “Jim Robenalt, author of ‘Ballots and Bullets: Black Power Politics and Urban Guerrilla Warfare in 1968 Cleveland.’”

Jesse and Brittany interview Jim Robenalt, author of Ballots and Bullets: Black Power Politics and Urban Guerrilla Warfare in 1968 Cleveland. During the discussion, they cover the history of clashes between the African American community and the police in America, Americans’ support (or lack thereof) for different types of protest and resistance, the current political climate, and predictions for Donald Trump’s future.

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#BONUS – “Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. – I Have a Dream Speech.”

In this BONUS episode, Jesse and Brittany present to you the opportunity to listen to the entire historic speech from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (I Have a Dream.) This speech was delivered to thousands of Americans, both black and white, who were yearning for a freer and more inclusive society. Equality isn’t a buzzword used to score political points. It is something each of us should strive for on a daily basis. Take a few minutes to listen to a slice of beautiful American history.

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