#828 – “Rodentologist Bobby Corrigan Helps Us Cope with Washington DC’s Rat Problem.” 

Jesse and Brittany are joined by Bobby Corrigan, Ph.D., to discuss his work studying rodents. Together, they discuss Bobby’s background, interest in studying rodents, and his work in teaching people how to improve rat problems in their homes and businesses. Bobby discusses his affinity and interest in rats for their unique behaviors and shares some interesting stories, including his work directly in the sewers of New York City, where he was bit by a rat! Bobby gives tips on how to manage rat problems and teaches Jesse and Brittany some interesting rat facts. Follow Bobby on Twitter: @Rodentologist 

Link to Bloomberg article: 




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#247 – “Santa Ana Winds, Anthony Weiner’s Federal Investigation, Donald Trump’s Stop-and-Frisk Policy Advocacy, Kathy Miller & Robert Pittenger’s Public Racism, Trump’s Shady Foundation, and Tserin Dopchut is Takin’ Care of Biz.”

Jesse and Brittany discuss the weather and the heat just like our listeners love us to do, listener emails and voicemails, the federal investigation into whether or not Anthony Weiner sexted with a teenage girl, Kathy Miller & Robert Pittenger’s racism and support of Donald Trump, Donald Trump’s shady behavior as it relates to his foundation’s money, Gary Johnson’s continued inability to act like a legitimate presidential candidate, and Tserin Dopchut is Takin’ Care of Biz!

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