Old Testament

#226 – “Brittany’s ‘Mixed-Signals’, Media Soft Balls, Simplifying w/ Radical Islam?, Christians – Kevin Swanson, Phil Vander Ploeg and David Perdue, Corey Lewandowski is FIRED! CNN Hosts Gary Johnson and Bill Weld, and Americans Give!”

Jesse and Brittany discuss her smiling in a bar. Listener voicemails from Marvin and John cover the media’s softball questions and our use of the label “radical Islamic extremists.” Kevin Swanson, Phil Vander Ploeg, and Senator David Perdue, all demonstrate why Christianity gets a bad rap. Corey Lewandowski is fired by Donald Trump and Gary Johnson and Bill Weld will be on CNN Town hall on Tuesday June 21st (Brittany’s Birthday!!!)

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I Doubt It #071 – “Jeb Bush and Dr. Ben Carson Ready to Run, Senator Inhofe Uses Old Testament to Disprove Global Warming, Anjem Choudary Causing Problems Again, Olive Garden Party, Florida Files, and listener calls!”

Jesse and Brittany discuss Chinese take-out disasters, Swastika tattoo loving freakshows, Listener – Austin’s public encounter, in-studio – Dan Bailey provides expertise on Blurred Lines, Dollemocracy featuring Jeb Bush and Ben Carson, Senator James Inhofe, Extremist Cleric Anjem Choudary, Olive Garden, and Florida Files.