Orange County

BONUS #062 – Harley Rouda and Laura Oatman In-Studio with Jesse, Brittany, and Drew!

Jesse and Brittany are joined by Drew as they sit down with Harley Rouda and Laura Oatman. Laura is a former candidate for congressional district CA-48, having recently dropped out of the race to endorse Harley Rouda, the leading candidate in the race against Dana Rohrabacher. They discuss the frustrations associated with the party endorsement process, why the Democratic party is the party of the future, the reasons Laura decided to drop out of the race and endorse Harley, Laura’s advice for women who want to run for office, and why Dana needs to go!

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#BONUS – “Gay Latino Donald Trump Supporter – Nestor Moto Jr.”

Jesse and Brittany talk with Nestor Moto Jr.. Nestor is Vice President of the Orange County Log Cabin Republicans and President of the Long Beach Young Republicans. Nestor is also an open and avid supporter of Donald Trump.

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