I Doubt It #057 – “Pat Robertson… Again, Sean Hannity and Noelle Nikpour on Adrian Peterson, Five Thirty Eight Spanking, Pew Research Child Values Data, Facebook Shaming, No Happy in Iran”

I Doubt It #056 – “Adrian Peterson Beats Child, 300,000 Counts of Accessory to Murder, Medicaid Equals Sterilization in Arizona, Minnesota Nutter Wants Supreme Court, Pope Francis In Danger, Kids on God, Bryan Fischer Loves Bacon, Woman Born Without Cerebellum, and Florida Files.”

I Doubt It #055 – “#parkingfailure, Mormon Bullying-Awareness, Sarah Palin’s Drunken Snowmobile Party Fight, Pastors Becoming Atheists in Droves, GWB vs. Hitler, Kanye West Bullies Disabled Kids, Autistic Abusers Caught, and Indio Downey’s Recovery”

I Doubt It #054 – “Bad Mannered Bicyclists, Combined-Couple Facebook Survey Results, NFL and Ray & Janay Rice, Atheist Air Force, Male Birth Control, Obama Speech, Florida Files, and Takin’ Care of Biz!”

I Doubt It #051 – “Costco Samples, Caller Todd, More Burnt Reynolds, Another Flight Diverted Due to Asshats, Cursing Is Good (Despite Sean), Positive Tales – Better for Children, Obama Has No Strategy, Goodell’s Change of Heart, Florida Files, and Takin’ Care of Biz!”

I Doubt It #049 – “Brittany’s Inconsistent Neurosis, Richard Dawkins Part III, War Machine’s Wisdom, Dr. Kent Brantly Saved By God, Don Lemon VS Rapper, and Dan Page the Doofus”

I Doubt It #048 – “Dumb Kid Beliefs, Angry Listener Comment, Ferguson Fiasco Continues, Ohio Pro-Life Activists Hates Boobs, Male vs Female Bosses, How Much Is $100 Worth In Your State, and Florida Files”