I Doubt It #036 – “Ryan Bell from A Year Without God Checks His Privilege, Brittany’s Grad School, Idaho’s Rare Humanists, Russian Priest Hates Toucan Sam, Brian the Bummed Bonobo.”

I Doubt It #035 – “INDEPENDENCE Day, Brittany Loves Polygamy, Gluten-Free Freak-Shows, When Beliefs and Facts Collide, Gay Archbishop – John Nienstedt, and Dick Cop – Jeremy Dear.”

I Doubt It #034 – “The Birthday Illness and Absence, Yelp Reviews and Restaurant Jerk-Offs, the SCOTUS Hobby Lobby Decision, Nightmare Nanny, American Tourists in North Korea, Binging on TV Will Kill Ya, and Who Jesse Thinks is Funny.”

I Doubt It #032 – “Courtesy Wipes, Misleading Headlines, Pope Francis on Addiction and Childless Pet-Owners, Frivolous Legislation, Hypocrite Jenny McCarthy, and Sexy Mug Shot Guy.”

I Doubt It #031 – “Dr. Oz is a Reiki Master, Deepak Chopra Challenges James Randi, Pole Dancing Kiddos, Bus-Driving Bullet Stopping Bible Believing Liar, Prejudice Americans.”

I Doubt It #024 – “Screening of Documentary – “My Week In Atheism”, Christian Kids “Bullying” Gays, Santa Barbara Murderer – Elliot Rodger, Pedophile Brain Scans, and Pew Research Center’s New Data.”

I Doubt It #020 – “Mother’s Day, Kevin Durant, Pools Of Sticky Semen, Donald Sterling Is At It Again, Bill Donohue Is Bad At Math, and Young Blood Is Getting It Done.”