I Doubt It #169 – “ROOM, Russian Plane, Dollemocracy ’16 feat. Whoopie Goldberg on Carly Fiorina, Debate Wars, Megyn Kelly Reacts to GOP Demands, Anderson Cooper’s Response to Trump, Obama Takes Shots, Ben Carson’s Pyramid Genius, Greg Abbott’s Scientology, Pew Research, and Cats are Evil”

Jesse and Brittany discuss their experience seeing the movie ROOM (caution: SPOILERS), the Russian plane connection to ISIL, Whoopie Goldberg’s reaction to Carly Fiorina’s comments on The View’s criticism of her face, the debate wars and GOP demands for future debates, Megyn Kelly’s reaction to the demands, Anderson Cooper’s reaction to Donald Trump’s criticism, Obama’s shots at the GOP, Ben Carson’s genius, Greg Abbott’s Scientology influence, Pew Research’s latest, and evil cats!
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