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#196 – “Lyft Terror, Feedback, Ethan Couch, Who’s The Smartest In Class?, Dollemocracy ’16 feat. Donald Trump vs. Pope Francis, NV Caucus & SC Primary, Ted Cruz Loves Phil Robertson, Jeb! Quits, NPR Obama Interview, Bernie’s Lifelong Activism, and Virginia McLaurin Rocks Our World!”

Jesse and Brittany discuss their horrific Lyft experience over the weekend, listener feedback on torture and Brittany’s prophetic tendencies, follow-up on affluenza teen, who’s the smartest kid in class research, Dollemocracy ’16 featuring Donald Trump vs. Pope Francis, Ted Cruz’s love affair with Phil Robertson, the Nevada caucus & the South Carolina primary,, Jeb quitting, NPR’s interview with Obama, Bernie Sander’s lifelong activism, and Virginia McLaurin’s visit to the White House.
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