#739 – “Modest is Hottest, Juneteenth, Wise-Guy Biden, A$$hole of Today feat. Andrew Yang, and Takin’ Care of Biz feat. Rachel Scott.”

Jesse and Brittany discuss their return from their trip and their latest experience with contemporary Christian music, follow-up on Jack Phillips the Christian baker from Colorado, Juneteenth as a National Holiday and the Republican backlash, Ted Cruz’s misunderstanding of critical race theory, Joe Biden’s poor reaction to Kaitlan Collins’ question, A$$hole of Today featuring Andrew...

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#738 – “Feeling Vaxxed, Ben Shapiro and the N-Word, ProPublica’s Billionaire Taxes Bombshell, A$$hole of Today feat. Louie Gohmert, and Takin’ Care of Biz feat. Shane Jones.”

Jesse and Brittany discuss a recent all-vaccinated dinner at their home, listener well wishes related to Popeye’s illness, Ben Shapiro giving the dos and don’ts of using the N-word, and ProPublica’s remarkable reporting related to America’s richest of the rich and how little (IF ANY) taxes they pay! SUPPORT THE SHOW ON PATREON: http://www.TeamDollemore.com NEW MERCH...

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#737 – “Popeye’s Health, Threat to Our Democracy, and Takin’ Care of Biz featuring Paxton Smith.”

Jesse and Brittany discuss Popeye’s diagnosis and current state of his health, listener emails and voicemails related to Mike Rowe, changes to the CDC’s mask guidelines, and Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz, the threat to our democracy, Senators Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin’s lack of care or concern for the state of our democracy and emphasis...

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#736 – “Listener Voicemail Extravaganza!”

Jesse and Brittany discuss a recent YouTube achievement and Jesse’s near-death experience, listener emails and voicemails related to familects, CDC’s guidance on masks, and coping with ongoing feelings of isolation.  Weedeeleedee Merch: https://i-doubt-it-with-dollemore.creator-spring.com/listing/weedeeleedee-white-letters?product=46&fbclid=IwAR0Tg0c7mEId6LlbHjGK5wYjvAjMDzKqrfbBlKjjdjtIGiO-9SUYS6D-5yQ SUPPORT THE SHOW ON PATREON: http://www.TeamDollemore.com NEW MERCH AVAILABLE AT: http://www.dollemore.info  Support the show with CRYPTOCURRENCY – https://dollemore.com/support-show-w-crypto/  Join the private Facebook listener group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/1770575259637583  Send a text or voicemail of...

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#735 – “Familects, MTG’s Attack on AOC, Return to Work, and CDC’s Big Announcement.”

Jesse and Brittany discuss familects, listener emails and voicemails related to the return to work and Marjorie Taylor Greene’s recent attack on AOC, updates on Matt Gaetz, John Stossel and Mike Rowe on a return to work and student loan forgiveness, the debate over laziness vs. stagnant wages, and CDC’s new guidelines on mask-wearing.  Familects: https://www.theatlantic.com/family/archive/2021/05/family-secret-language-familect/618871/?fbclid=IwAR335i36iigBXirbxHUrSuRQVUAuh5rvlZABHy3JUR4fkYUuTq8ua2UEdeM...

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#734 – “Succulent Death, CDC’s Eviction Ban in Court, Vaccine Patents, Caitlyn Jenner’s Campaign for Governor, and A$$hole of Today featuring Huntington Beach Mayor Pro Tem Tito Ortiz.”

Jesse and Brittany discuss dead plants, a listener voicemail related to police brutality and Democratic inaction, the continued difficulties with the CDC’s eviction ban, Josh Duggar’s release into society after his heinous crimes, Joe Biden’s reversal on vaccine patents, the state of job growth and unemployment, Caitlyn Jenner’s campaign for governor of California and her appearance...

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