#857 – “One Year with Swee’Pea, Water Aversion, and Republican Response to Nashville.” 

Jesse and Brittany discuss Swee’Pea’s aversion to sink water, a listener email regarding the response from the right wing to the recent shooting in Nashville, and the various Republican responses to the latest mass shooting in this country where they make it clear that cowardice will continue to be the order of the day.  SUPPORT THE SHOW...

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#856 – “Ryan J. Bell Reflects on 10-Year Anniversary of Leaving Church.”

Jesse and Brittany are joined by their friend and former guest on the show, Ryan Bell. Ryan Bell is notable for his former work as a pastor and his public journey to becoming an atheist and living without God. Ryan started the blog “Year Without God” and continued his work with a popular podcast, “Life...

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#855 – “Hell on Earth, Florida Periods, Trump Possible Indictment & GOP Response, and A$$hole of Today feat. Idaho GOP.” 

Jesse and Brittany discuss a survey from Pew Research Center demonstrating Americans’ beliefs on heaven, hell, and the afterlife, listener emails and voicemails related to moving the conversation forward and photographing the unhoused when helping them, a recent bill in Florida proposing limitations on when to teach girls about their period, Nikki Haley’s recent attempt...

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#854 – “Trolls, Raccoon Dogs, Trump Indictment Coming, Minnesota’s Free School Lunch, and A$$hole of Today feat. Dennis Prager.”

Jesse and Brittany discuss a troll comment accusing Brittany of virtue-signaling her love for Earth, Wind & Fire, listener voicemails related to Jordan Peterson’s recent tweet and criticism of some language we’ve used on a previous show, a competition among conservative news hosts to see who has the worst life skills, a recent report on...

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#853 – “Scammers, New Drop, Tragic Washington Podcast Case, and Takin’ Care of Biz feat. AutoCare Haven Dallas.”

Jesse and Brittany discuss the recent proliferation of online scammers, including a new method using Artificial Intelligence, listener emails and voicemails related to our ongoing conversation about trans rights being human rights, Missouri State Republicans spar over an anti-LGBTQ bill and gift the show with a new drop, Marianne Williamson’s blast from the past where she...

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#852 – “Oscars!, CPAC, Marianne Williamson, GoFundMe Public Policy, A$$hole of Today feat. Oak Lawn Police, and Takin’ Care of Biz feat. Dr. Jim O’Connell.”

Jesse and Brittany discuss Jesse’s love of the Oscars, Walgreens’ decision to stop dispensing abortion pills even in states where it remains legal due to threats from GOP, Donald Trump’s unhinged appearance at CPAC, Marianne Williamson’s campaign for president and past anti-vaccine statements, two examples of stories in need of more context regarding our frayed social...

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