#709 – “Curfew Time!, The Pope Likes Instagram, Trump’s Attempts to Subvert Election, Rudy’s Bold Press Conference, and Predictions for the End.”

Jesse and Brittany discuss California’s COVID curfew, listener emails and voicemails related to COVID restrictions, Trump’s election meddling, and calls for unity, the Vatican’s attempt to get to the bottom of Pope Francis’ Instagram behavior, Trump’s attempts to subvert the election, Rudy Giuliani’s press conference, and predictions for how it will all end for Trump. ...

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#708 – “THOSE Dog Owners Now, GOP Plans, Voter Fraud Investigations, and A$$hole of Today featuring Michele Bachmann.”

Jesse and Brittany discuss their new dog accessory, listener emails and voicemails related to levity post-election and how to deal with Trump supporters going forward, Mitt Romney’s plans for dealing with the Biden administration, Kayleigh McEnany’s dual roles, a local reporter who found claims of voter fraud to be inaccurate in Georgia, an interview with...

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#707 – “An Election Debrief and Listener Calls with Mike McLaughlin.”

Jesse and Brittany are joined by Mike McLaughlin to discuss his experiences managing political campaigns and working as the National Field Director for Amy Klobuchar. Together they reflect on the election and the path forward, as well as ways that the public can continue to get involved and push for meaningful change.  Follow Mike on Twitter: https://twitter.com/miklaughlin ...

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#706 – “President-Elect Joe Biden & Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris.”

Jesse and Brittany discuss the election of President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris, as well as process the events over the past few days using voicemails and voicemails from the audience.  SUPPORT THE SHOW ON PATREON: http://www.TeamDollemore.com NEW MERCH AVAILABLE AT: http://www.dollemore.info  Support the show with CRYPTOCURRENCY – https://dollemore.com/support-show-w-crypto/  Join the private Facebook listener group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/1770575259637583  Send a text...

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#705 – “The Wire and Injustice in Public, Uplifting Messages and Contradictions, and Trump’s Continued Deadly COVID Skepticism.”

Jesse and Brittany discuss The Wire and also Jesse’s frustrations with public injustice, listener emails related to special requests, a follow-up on a previous voicemail, and a criticism and highlighted contradiction, the Trump Administration’s continued attacks on science and support for COVID-19 propaganda. SUPPORT THE SHOW ON PATREON: http://www.TeamDollemore.com NEW MERCH AVAILABLE AT: http://www.dollemore.info  Support the show...

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#704 – “Snip Snip, Same Trump Different Decade, Kamala Harris’ Honest Response, AOC’s Brilliance on CNN, and Takin’ Care of Biz featuring Teacher Melissa Statz.”

Jesse and Brittany discuss Jesse’s minor medical procedure and the fires in Orange County, listener emails and voicemails related to the upcoming election live stream, struggles during the pandemic, and how to have important conversations after the election, an interview with Donald Trump from the 90s, Kamala Harris’ response to a question about whether or...

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