#761 – “Beatles Shade, Omicron Variant and Fox Conspiracies, MS Abortion SCOTUS Case, Lauren Boebert vs. Ilhan Omar, and Jonathan Karl on Trump 2024.”

Jesse and Brittany discuss Jesse’s displeasure with the new Beatles documentary, what is next for the former Brunswick DA Jackie Johnson after her mishandling of Ahmaud Arbery’s murder, the new Omicron variant, and what it means for the future of the pandemic, Fox News’ disinformation campaign on the new variant, Mississippi’s abortion law going before...

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#760 – “Thanks is Given – 7th Annual Listener Submitted Messages of Gratitude!”

Jesse and Brittany discuss good news stories and play listener-submitted messages of thanks, as well as share their own message of thanks.  SUPPORT THE SHOW ON PATREON: http://www.TeamDollemore.com NEW MERCH AVAILABLE AT: http://www.dollemore.info  Support the show with CRYPTOCURRENCY – https://dollemore.com/support-show-w-crypto/  Join the private Facebook listener group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/1770575259637583  Send a text or voicemail of fewer than three minutes to (657) 464-7609. Show Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/IDoubtPodcast...

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#759 – “Negative Nancies, Boosters!, Build Back Better, Backsliding Democracy, and Conflicts at Fox News.”

Jesse and Brittany discuss the reactions to the news that they are moving to Washington DC, listener emails and voicemails related to the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict and the impact of gun culture on young people, COVID boosters, and what to expect for holidays, the Build Back Better bill and benefits for the wealthy, the United...

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#758 – “Move to DC!, Britney is Free, Travis McMichael on Trial, Paul Gosar’s Censure, John Kennedy’s Bigotry, and Takin’ Care of Biz featuring Abraham Olagbegi.”

Jesse and Brittany discuss the upcoming move to Washington DC, listener emails and voicemails related to the vaccines and the Rittenhouse trial, Britney Spears’ freedom from her conservatorship, that latest in the Travis and Greg McMichael trial, Paul Gosar’s censure including speeches from Jackie Speier and Mondaire Jones, Senator John Kennedy’s questioning of Biden’s pick for...

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#757 – “Chat and Cut, Boosted!, Kyle Rittenhouse Trial, Steven Bannon Arrested, Biden’s Win on Infrastructure, and Joe Manchin’s Constant Flip-Flopping on Spending.”

Jesse and Brittany discuss their experience with a chat and cut and Jesse’s booster shot, listener emails and voicemails related to Popeye’s death, Virginia’s election, and the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, Steve Bannon turning himself in on his contempt of Congress charge, President Biden’s win on infrastructure and subsequent speech touting the importance of bipartisanship, and...

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#756 – “Veterans Day, Kyle Rittenhouse’s Performance, CRT Watch, A$$hole of Today feat. Glenn Youngkin, and Takin’ Care of Biz feat. Avenues for Justice.”

Jesse and Brittany discuss Veterans Day, listener emails and voicemails related to CRT, finding the podcast on YouTube, and the quirks of the show, the latest in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial including the terrible Judge Bruce Schroeder, Critical Race Theory watch including Republican approval of the history of racism being taught in schools, A$$hole of...

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