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3321 Georgia Ave NW

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Jesse Dollemore

We have witnessed a proliferation of political commentators during the short time with Donald Trump as President. Few have risen to the top as well as Jesse Dollemore. Showcasing his influential voice, this former Republican veteran of the United States Marine Corps deploys his acerbic wit in both the twice-weekly podcast he hosts (I Doubt It), and his eponymous YouTube channel. Jesse draws upon his time working for the U.S. Senate on Capitol Hill in Washington and experiences working on both House and Senate campaigns to provide an understanding of American politics that extends beyond the standard polarized left-right paradigm. Jesse is well known for breaking down complex political narratives into more palatable components, using his understanding of history, humor, and common sense.

Brittany Page

After finding passions for psychology, politics, and social justice as a teenager, Brittany went on to earn both her bachelor’s degree in psychology and her Master of Science in clinical psychology from California State University, Fullerton. She has worked in low-cost non-profit clinics, inpatient psychiatric facilities, as well as court-mandated programs to advocate for people struggling with serious mental disorders, homelessness, and substance use disorders. In addition to her full-time work in mental health, Brittany is a host of the popular news and comment podcast, I Doubt It, which reaches a large international audience, analyzing the headlines twice weekly. In that role, she shines a light on the issues that she sees in her daily work and advocates for systemic change. Using her personal experiences growing up immersed in chaos and escaping from her white supremacist upbringing in Idaho combined with her education, she brings a unique perspective to everyday issues.


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