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7 comments on Support the Show

  1. martin says:

    Big fan

  2. Sarah Tozzi says:

    Love you guys from Chicago!!!
    Brittney is the best part

  3. Grace Williams says:

    Thank you fir what you do! I found the youtube videos recently & thought “wow, this guy is really smart”, eventually i checked out the podcast & heard Brittany’s perspectives & was even more excited to listen. Now i spend my end of day commute catching up in all the podcasts I’ve missed all this time.

  4. Stephanie Rodriguez says:

    Love the show and the bonus episodes!! Keep up the great work! Britney is the best part!

  5. Stephanie Rodriguez says:


    1. GABRIEL GARCIA says:

      What can I say? Britney is the best part.

  6. Ronald Curilla says:

    Jessie has the breath of truth within him. I will support a man such as this. There are too few of them, but there are more. And I contribute to them also.

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