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  1. martin says:

    Big fan

  2. Sarah Tozzi says:

    Love you guys from Chicago!!!
    Brittney is the best part

  3. Grace Williams says:

    Thank you fir what you do! I found the youtube videos recently & thought “wow, this guy is really smart”, eventually i checked out the podcast & heard Brittany’s perspectives & was even more excited to listen. Now i spend my end of day commute catching up in all the podcasts I’ve missed all this time.

  4. Stephanie Rodriguez says:

    Love the show and the bonus episodes!! Keep up the great work! Britney is the best part!

    1. Mende says:

      Love you guys! Keeping it real!
      Jesse, Brittany and Popeye are the best part!
      Dollemore and Page


    2. Phillip Hatfield says:

      I stumbled upon your broadcasts and couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Thank goodness there is somebody else who feels about king trump the way I do and has the pulpit to express my thoughts.
      I am afraid that if grunt trump is reelected and continues the damage he has already wrought on our country and the world, there will be undesired consequences so serious that they cannot be reversed and thus will destroy all that our nation stands for as defined by our forefathers and will prevent continued life on earth as we now know it. The current and future generations will look back at these times and ask, “What the f..k were these idiots thinking? Couldn’t they see what they were doing to the world? How could they have let this happen?” It will be so obvious to them what was wrong.
      When my dad would get upset with me for not listening to him, he would say that I needed a 2×4 up the side of head to get my attention. Keep up your efforts trying to get people’s attention and so they will see what is really going on in our world today.
      Phillip Hatfield

  5. Stephanie Rodriguez says:


    1. GABRIEL GARCIA says:

      What can I say? Britney is the best part.

  6. Ronald Curilla says:

    Jessie has the breath of truth within him. I will support a man such as this. There are too few of them, but there are more. And I contribute to them also.

  7. Terry Ramey says:

    I want to thank you for putting out the information in your video “The Southern Strategy.” Most republicans I know are unaware or in denial about this subject and you state it in a concise and informative way. These are things I know to be true but cannot get some people to believe or understand , even though I have tried. Unfortunately it comes down to knowledge and education and I have not found a way to tell people they are ignorant or not educated enough in a way that is not insulting. I’m not sure how to deal with it. I will share this video with friends.

  8. Terry Ramey says:

    I want to donate but do not see an easy way to do so. I will try again later.

  9. Scott says:

    Great show , just joined from
    Boston, keep up the good work

  10. JASON W BROOKS says:

    This show has been a huge part of my podcast world since I discovered it almost three years ago through a Facebook friend. The humorous and yet straightforward facts and takes the hosts present are of use to even the most skeptical of podcast listeners. I look forward to every episode.

    1. David Burton says:

      Love the show and content need more voices for the truth. keep up the excellent work.

  11. Tara Hall says:

    Dear Jesse,
    I can’t put a dollar amount on the value I receive from watching your podcasts and listening to you. My resources are limited, but I wish to raise my membership from the $1.99 it has been at, to $4.99. Embarrassed to say that I don’t know exactly how to do it… Can someone help me here?
    Thank You,

  12. Brenda Cooley says:

    May God forever bless you and continue giving you the wisdom and courage to always speak the truth of what is happening in our Country under the current Leadership of Donald Trump and his Gang. Evilness will never prosper nor blaming others for Trumps corruptness and inexperience of being a Leader. Blessings to you. BC

  13. David says:

    We LOVE you!!!!
    Keep up the good work!
    America needs you now more than ever!
    Resistance is patriotic!

    1. Linda Orr says:

      We need your help. Today I will donate to you for the first time. Sadly I am beginning to feel Democrats have to grow a pair and get tough, or cheat as much as republicans do. No matter how much governing Dems do compared to repubs incessant obstruction we will be behind in the face of gerrymandering and right wing nut media. Heavy sigh.

  14. Susanne Larssen says:

    Greetings from Norway. I love your show.
    The last day all over the world we see police violence at play in the US. As a Norwegian, with a well educated, and disciplined police force, I am absolutely horrified. I guess some would argue that the US police force is disciplined as well but in that case its cadaver discipline, not personal discipline and integrity.

    We tend to go to the nazis when we need a historical reference, I would rather go for The Black and Tans in Ireland. There is a “Joke” from back then. A Black and Tan shoots a man walking down the street. His partner says: What did you do that for? It’s 10 more minutes until curfew. The first guy shrugs and says: I know where he lives, he would never have made it home in 10 minutes.

    For the riots, no wonder. People have been isolated at home, many have lost their jobs and wonder if they will still have a roof over their head or food tomorrow. African Americans have died at a higher rate, but are less likely to have health insurance because they often have a low pay job, or they are forced to go to the very same low paid jobs, with no insurance. And now this… I would say the time was ripe. And I wonder if the high and mighty understand that if not helping people out, and get them more than that one time 1200$ payout, it would be like throwing another couple of sticks of dynamite on the fire.
    And I maintain that the GOP in House and Senate stands for Gathering of old Psychopaths.

    Astrid Lindgren said: When people in power stop listening to the people, it is time to replace them.

    Anyhow, love your show, and your chuckling 😉

    Kind Regards.

  15. Christian H. says:

    From Maryland here,
    Thank you for everything you do in this fight for humanity and civilization.
    I look forward to your youtube videos every time I sign on.
    FYI-I’m not able to donate. I keep getting error messages. Please advise (

    Many thanks to Jesse and Brittany.

  16. Laurie Pranger says:

    Hello Jesse! I just watched you podcast re: U.S. Marine Destroys Tucker Carlson for Saying Disabled Veteran Tammy Duckworth “Hates America”. A million thanks for continuing to reach the uninformed about the lunatic fringe of Fox News. It seems they are so worried Trump will not win, their strategy is to use extreme scare tactics to dupe GOP into believing Democrats are really far-left radicals that wish nothing short of a Marxist-style takeover of our country through violent means. How do I know? Word of mouth from Republican neighbors and evangelical sister who are terrified by the imagery, lies and misinformation spewing from Fox News, Limbaugh and the like. They are literally in a frenzy over BLM, antifa and anarchists (lumped all together with liberal Democrats). They refuse to believe their far right fringe white nationalists are the real danger. They don’t even realize they are the ones fomenting the hatred that could end in civil war. A Biden presidency can’t come soon enough. Keep telling the truth that we are all Americans of all stripes, races, religions… with the same hope and dreams of becoming equal in ‘life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness’. DEFUND FOX NEWS!

  17. Abdul Khan says:

    Bless you and your family, we are with you’

  18. Ed Petil says:

    I like the way you broadcast all the dishonesty of people who are in the media limelight. You have a way of describing who they really are.

  19. Bill D says:

    Gotta say that I have met few grunts with more than a 2 digit IQ, so I am amazed by your insight and intelligence. I was a squid (target) while you were in diapers. One vet to another, with sincerity, thank you for your voluntary service.
    Most of my life, I have been a “atheist, left wing, liberal, socialist, Democrat”. It is tough for me to comprehend why people have to control others (when they often can’t control themselves), why as a modern civilization, we don’t care for each other and how so many Christians are so full of hate. I have often taken exception to traditional Republican issues (still do), but I’ve come to realize that at one time, Republicans represented an important counter balance to the Democrat agendas. The yin and yang of U.S. politics. It saddens me that we may be headed for a totalitarian Stalinist dictatorship with an elaborate cult of personality around the Trump dynasty (see Wikipedia- North Korea). My oath, as was yours and all of our brother in arms, was to the Constitution. Not a political party. Not a dictator wanna be. And I consider anyone who calls our service men and women “losers” and allows bounties on their lives an enemy of our country.
    Anyway, off the soap box. I do enjoy your YouTube shows. So, I did check out the donations link, didn’t care for the monthly contribution. Is there a lump sum option? You know, for us old, simple minded, CRS, retirees?

  20. Atli Ørn Hilmarsson says:

    Thank you Jesse for your independent political show wich i have enjoyd for several months now. Like your views, you’re style and strong and clear voice of sanity and truth. Keep up the good work my friend. Atli Ørn Hilmarsson, an icelandair living in Norway.

  21. Tony says:

    Good stuff. Very informative and to the point. Love your show.

  22. Julie says:

    I so appreciate how you call out the darkness! I have friends who have stumbled and fallen into the vitriol of Fox News and other hate mongering resources. These are good people, which only goes to show how easy it is to tap into the fear people possess and, through manipulation, give them a false outlet of who to blame for that negative feeling. Anyone different is the best target.
    Anyway I will be donating and wanted to say thank you for your podcasts and speaking to the truth and sanity!

  23. Linda Orr says:

    We need your help. Today I will donate to you for the first time. Sadly I am beginning to feel Democrats have to grow a pair and get tough, or cheat as much as republicans do. No matter how much governing Dems do compared to repubs incessant obstruction we will be behind in the face of gerrymandering and right wing nut media. Heavy sigh.

  24. Sheila McGregor says:

    I want to join Crew. How do zi do that

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