#764 – “War on Christmas, SCOTUS Decision, Mark Meadows’ PowerPoint, Supervised Injection Sites, and A$$hole of Today featuring Bridgette.”

Jesse and Brittany discuss the War on Christmas including the burning of the All-American Christmas tree in front of Fox News, listener emails related to merch and vaccines, follow-up related to the Texas SB8 SCOTUS decision, and racism’s role in appraising values of homes, updates to Donald Trump’s civil fraud investigation, Mark Meadows’ PowerPoint with specific plans to overturn election results, New York City’s first supervised injection sites and legal challenges to follow, and A$$hole of Today featuring Bridgette from a San Diego County Board of Supervisor’s Meeting. 

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#327 – “Target Adventures, Google Memo, Pat Robertson’s Defense of Eric Bolling, Trump’s Positivity Folder, North Korean Escalation, Opioid Crisis, and Trump TV.”

Jesse and Brittany discuss their Target adventures, listener emails and voicemails related to carnival rides and the Google memo, Pat Robertson’s defense of Eric Bolling of Fox News, reports that Donald Trump reads a folder full of positive news about himself twice a day, North Korea’s nuclear weapon development and Trump’s warning, Donald Trump’s foolproof plan to prevent opioid drug addiction in teenagers, and Trump TV.

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