#233 – “Upcoming Vacation, #BlackLivesMatter, Megyn Kelly Speaks Out, Donald and Melania Trump, Scott Baio, Michele Bachmann, Racist White Nationalists Infiltrate the GOP, and Steve King & Laura Ingraham are a ‘lil Racist.”

Jesse and Brittany discuss their upcoming absence, the Miami shooting of another UNARMED black American, the acquittal of the highest ranking police office involved in the death of Freddie Grey, Don Lemon mixes it up with Milwaukee County Sheriff (David A. Clarke Jr.) and Bill Maher talks with Stephen Colbert about police culture. Also discussed is Megyn Kelly standing in the gap for former colleague Gretchen Carlson against Roger Ailes. Next up is the Donald Trump RNC fiasco involving lies and plagiarizing w/ his wife, Melania, Scott Baio’s out of touch B.S. and the continuing racist element of the extreme and mainstream elements of the Republican Party.

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