I Doubt It #115 – “Brett and Jesse’s Dent Bridge Lie, Dollemocracy w/ the Mike Huckabee/Ted Cruz’ Gay-Obsession and Hillary Clinton’s Two-Edged Media Sword, Pew Research on Science and Political Affiliation, Food Babe’s Bad Week, Bad Facebook Pages, ISIL Warnings, Child Murdering Prophets, and Lying Kids.”

I Doubt It #080 – “Double-Dipping Debate, Burnt’s First Call, Torture Report, Food Babe Fires Back, Neil deGrasse Tyson Hates Atheist Label, Dictatorial Delights, Postal Worker Steals Mail, Florida Files feat. a Lottery-Winning Sex Offender and Takin’ Care of Biz!”

I Doubt It #079 – “NPR Smashes Food Babe, Bill Cosby’s Star is Marred, Coast Guard Admiral William Lee Thinks He’s a Chaplain, Canadian Court Okays Native Woman to Kill Daughter, and Glitter Poop”

I Doubt It #072 – “A$$hole of Today – Charlatan “Food Babe” Deletes Blog, Dollemocracy ‘16 feat. Ben Carlson on Guns, Gallup Poll – Americans Want GOP at Helm, Dennis Rodman Brokered Prisoner Release?, I Am Not Malala Day, Prop 47 Passes, High Schooler In Trouble Over Pledge, and Angry Chess Player in Oslo, Norway!”