#444 – “Traffic Battle, Kaepernick and Nike, Ronan Farrow vs. NBC, Woodward’s Bombshell, and Donald Trump Flaunting His Corruption.”

Jesse and Brittany discuss their many excuses for releasing a late episode, listener emails and voicemails related to Colin Kaepernick and the Nike ad and the abuse Catholic Church, including discussion of Pope Francis’ emphasis on the virtue of silence and Catholic speaking out during church services, Ronan Farrow’s battle with NBC over his reporting on Harvey Weinstein and the #MeToo Movement, the death of Jamel Myles in Denver and the subsequent reaction on social media, Bob Woodward’s new book and Donald Trump’s reaction on social media, and the swamp growing swampier.

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#194 – “WHAM!, Feedback from Marcus & Dave, Follow-Up – Tamir Rice & More Police Brutality, Beyoncé’s Super Bowl Half-Time Performance, Dollemocracy ’16 feat. Ben Carson’s Misquote, Quitters, Ted Cruz & Franklin Graham, And Sorry Short Guys.”

Jesse and Brittany discuss the WHAM! rap (you know you love it), listener feedback from Dave on Earth, Wind, & Fire and Marcus on Jesse’s opinion on torture, follow-up regarding Tamir Rice and another instance of outrageous police behavior, the Super Bowl halftime show controversy related to Beyoncé’s performance, Dollemocracy ’16 featuring Ben Carson ruining his closing statement at a debate AGAIN, the latest quitters in the presidential race, Ted Cruz’s wife on religion, Franklin Graham’s panic, and short guys get fewer ladies!

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