I Doubt It #069 – “The Embarrassing Halloween Story Extravaganza.”

I Doubt It #068 – “Listener Email Corrects Jesse, Ebola News with Nurse – Kaci Hickox, Wal-Mart’s “Fat Girl” Halloween Costumes, A Self-Castrating Pedophile, Bad News for Vegans, Irrational Liberals and Conservatives, and Florida Files Fights Fire with Fire.”

I Doubt It #066 – “Jesse Gets Harassed!, Bristol Palin’s C-Bombs, Brett #2’s Campaign Ad, Duck Dynasty vs ISIL, Catholic School Vs Hollywood, Young Catholics Taking a Stand, Kirk Cameron is a Genius, Hoss’ Hate For the Tattooed, and Trusted News Sources!”

I Doubt It #065 – “Minimum-Wage Hypocrites – Freedom Socialist Party, John Grisham’s Child Porn Comments, Pat Robertson and Ron Baity, Idaho Couple Hates Gays and Loves Camouflage, Todd Kincannon the troll, and Takin’ Care of Biz.”