#720 – “Positive Thoughts for Pops, Networks Absolving ex-QAnon Believers, Rachal Ham’s Take on Christianity, Liz Cheney’s Republican Defense, and A$$hole of Today featuring Maria Montessori School in Utah.”

Jesse and Brittany discuss Popeye’s upcoming surgery, listener voicemails and emails related to criticism of Bill Maher, vaccinating teachers, and confusing values in the Republican vs. Democrat budget, the problem with networks interviewing ex-QAnon believers, Trump’s impact on Christianity as reviewed by Rachel Ham on Newsmax, Liz Cheney’s weak defenses of the future of the Republican Party in her interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News, and A$$hole of Today featuring Maria Montessori School in Utah.



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I Doubt It #150 – “Magic Is Real, Jared Fogle – GUILTY, George Zimmerman – Artist, John Oliver -Televangelist, Doubting Mark Reviews Churches, Dollemocracy ’16 w/ Donald Trump’s Racist Crowds, Army Rangers Graduate 1st Females, Takin’ Care of Biz feat. Three Americans Saving the Day in France!”

Jesse and Brittany discuss Brittany’s evolution on how she views magic, Jared Fogle’s latest troubles, George Zimmerman’s latest (non-criminal) activities, John Oliver’s success as a televangelist, Doubting Mark discusses his experience attending and rating various churches and faiths as an atheist for his blog, Dollemocracy ’16 featuring Donald Trump’s racist crowds, how he is wrong on immigration, and how the republican party is losing control, the first female graduates from Army Ranger School, and three American heroes are takin’ care of biz!


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