I Doubt It #145 – “UN-Scary Movies, Chris Hoff sits in from The Radical Therapist, Houston County Plays Faves, Anjem Choudary Causing Trouble, Cecil, Dollemocracy ’16 feat. Ben Carson, Scott Walker, and the Debate, George W. Bush’s Jury Duty, and JESSE AND BRITTANY CRY.”

Jesse and Brittany discuss the decline in scary when it comes to scary movies, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Chris Hoff’s latest project, The Radical Therapist Podcast, Houston County, AL latest move to alienate citizens of opposing faiths, Anjem Choudary’s charge, Cecil’s mob justice, Dollemocracy ’16 featuring Ben Carson inability to choose Bible or Constitution, Scott Walker’s refusal to acknowledge the fact of Barack Obama’s Christianity, and the debate, George W. Bush is just like us, and Humans of Dublin makes us cry.
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