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#795 – “Rainy Days, FL Election Fraud Unit, New McCarthy Audio, White House Preparing for GOP Wins, and A$$hole of Today feat. Greg Kelly.” 

Jesse and Brittany discuss their unexpected trek through a torrential downpour, listener communication related to the importance of social-emotional learning, the math textbook examples provided by Florida election officials illustrating “indoctrination” of students with CRT, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ decision to create an election fraud unit, new Kevin McCarthy audio released by the New York Times, the Senate primary debate in Pennsylvania featuring Dr. Oz, the White House preparing for Republican midterm win, and A$$hole of Today feat. Newsmax host Greg Kelly. 



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#220 – “Uppity Artists, Shkreli Endorses Trump, Religious Cockery from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, & the U.S., Memorial Day, Trump vs. Obama, Trump vs. Sanders Debate Update, Trump vs. Drought, Cincinnati Zoo vs. Gorilla, and Takin’ Care of Biz feat. Vigilant Ladies.”

Jesse and Brittany discuss a prank pulled at an art gallery in San Francisco, listener feedback on free speech issues, Martin Shkreli’s endorsement of Donald Trump, religious issues from Saudi Arabia and The United States, Barack Obama’s Memorial Day speech, Donald Trump’s mockery of Obama’s approach to Hiroshima speech, the Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders debate fiasco, Cincinnati Zoo’s decision to kill a gorilla, and Takin’ Care of Biz featuring three women who saved a stranger from being raped by her friend on a date.

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