#BONUS – “Marissa Alexa McCool from Inciting Incident Podcast.”

Jesse and Brittany talk to Marissa Alexa McCool from the Inciting Incident podcast about issues related to writing, transgender activism, and podcasting.

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#292 – “Jesse is Spicy, Racist & Transphobic Mommy Bloggers, Jesse Toots His Own Horn, Syria & North Korea Response, and A$$hole of Today feat. Bill O’Reilly.”

Jesse and Brittany discuss Jesse’s weekend full of spicy tum-time, Ayla, the racist Mormon mommy blogger, Kristen Quintrall, the mom who claims politically correct culture prevented her from confronting a male predator in the bathroom, Jesse tooting his own horn, military intervention in Syria and North Korea, and A$$hole of Today is Bill O’Reilly.


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