#883 – “Busted Cops, Robot Ron Failure, New GOP Abortion Approach, & Gavin Newsom on Biden 2024!”

Jesse and Brittany discuss their approach to dealing with online criticism and hatred, a listener email regarding abortion, a follow-up on the corruption in the Coffee City, Texas police department and an additional death at the Fulton County, Jail, a viral video of a cop in Maryland busted after a record of misbehavior, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ inability to get the state’s white supremacy problem under control (and his apparent bragging about his climate expertise), a new approach for the Republican Party on abortion, the ongoing white supremacy on display in a hate-crime against a black teenager in Massachusetts, and Gavin Newsom on supporting President Biden for re-election. 



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#240 – “Hope Solo & Ryan Lochte, Consequence-Free Rapist David Becker, EpiPen Madness, Donald Trump’s Shady Business Dealings, Hillary Clinton’s Secrecy, and Huma Abedin’s Liability.”

Jesse and Brittany discuss Hope Solo and Ryan Lochte’s punishments after their bad behavior during the Olympics, David Becker’s lackluster rape punishment, EpiPen price hikes and Martin Shkreli interview, Donald Trump’s use of campaign funds to make himself richer, Hillary Clinton’s lack of transparency, and Huma Abedin’s problematic past associations.

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