#324 – “Norwegian Booze, Anthony Scaramucci Fired, Donald Trump’s Non-Chaotic White House, and A$$hole of Today ft. Catherine Templeton from South Carolina.”

Jesse and Brittany try the Norwegian booze from Kjartan in Sweden live on air, take listener emails and voicemails related to farting on planes and fears over the current state of political affairs, the old news in the previous show as Anthony Scaramucci is fired, Donald Trump’s reassurances that everything is great in the White House, in addition to his signing off on Russia’s sanctions (with MANY reservations), Jeff Sessions’ Justice Department’s mission to take on the “problem” of discrimination against whites in college admission decisions, and A$$hole of Today featuring Catherine Templeton’s pride in the Confederacy.

Sound off with a text or voicemail of fewer than three minutes at (657) 464-7609.

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