Pledge of Allegiance

#211 – “Liar City’s Amy Winehouse Encounter, Tennessee Rainbow Nooses, New York Primary, Hillary Clinton’s Hot Sauce in Her Bag Swag, Peter King ‘Hates’ Ted Cruz, Shepherd Smith Covers Donald Trump’s ‘Self-Funding’, High Schooler Refuses the Pledge of Allegiance, and Insensitive Stephen Fry.”

Jesse and Brittany are joined by Brian Flanagan from Liar City Podcast. They discuss Brian’s delayed flight and in-flight seat companion, a Tennessee college removes nooses hanging from a tree colored like the LGBT flag, NY Primary results, Rep. Peter King says he ‘hates’ Ted Cruz live on Morning Joe, Shep Smith covers Donald Trump’s claim that he is self-funding his campaign, a high schooler in Louisiana who was punished for not standing for the Pledge of Allegiance, and Stephen Fry is super insensitive on Dave Rubin’s ‘Rubin Report.’

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