I Doubt It #034 – “The Birthday Illness and Absence, Yelp Reviews and Restaurant Jerk-Offs, the SCOTUS Hobby Lobby Decision, Nightmare Nanny, American Tourists in North Korea, Binging on TV Will Kill Ya, and Who Jesse Thinks is Funny.”

I Doubt It #033 – “Kim Jong Un is Pissed, Hillary Didn’t Learn Her Lesson, 300 ADVISERS, Rep. Paul “Skip” Stam, Bob Jones University Rape Counselling, Banned Little Libraries, and Florida Files.”

I Doubt It #030 – “Child Rapist Priest Thomas Adamson, Rick Perry is NOT a Doctor, Connie Trube Hates It When “They Really Turn Black,” Cool Kids Go Bad, Dirty Babies are Better, and More Terrible Advice from Pat Robertson.”

I Doubt It #029 – “Archbishop Robert J. Carlson, Oklahoma’s Gay-Hating Scott Esk, Dead-Broke Hillary Clinton, The Awful Waffle House Assholes, Sexting Docs, Body-Talk About Miss Indiana, and Florida’s CRYSTAL METHANY.”

I Doubt It #024 – “Screening of Documentary – “My Week In Atheism”, Christian Kids “Bullying” Gays, Santa Barbara Murderer – Elliot Rodger, Pedophile Brain Scans, and Pew Research Center’s New Data.”

I Doubt It #005 – “Catching Dreams with Poor College Kids and Abortion Coat-Hangers. Religious Round-Up 1.1 w/ Brett McHaffie.”