I Doubt It #183 – “Hateful 8 – Pistachio Fiasco, Listener Messages, Honey from Mark’s Bee Hole, Follow-Up with Bill Cosby and Ethan Couch Arrests, Dollemocracy ’16 feat. Pataki Dropping, David Duke’s Love of Donald Trump, and Bernie and Trump’s Exchanges, Tamir Rice, and Tornado Control.”

Jesse and Brittany discuss pistachios at the movies, listener messages, Mark’s Bee Hole treats, follow-up featuring Bill Cosby’s criminal charges and subsequent arrest and Ethan Couch FOUND in Mexico, Dollemocracy ’16 featuring more of Brittany’s wrongness about who will be the next to drop out, David Duke’s interview wherein he confesses his love for Donald Trump, exchanges between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, the latest with Tamir Rice, and a woman who controlled the tornado.
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