Year Without God

#856 – “Ryan J. Bell Reflects on 10-Year Anniversary of Leaving Church.”

Jesse and Brittany are joined by their friend and former guest on the show, Ryan Bell. Ryan Bell is notable for his former work as a pastor and his public journey to becoming an atheist and living without God. Ryan started the blog “Year Without God” and continued his work with a popular podcast, “Life After God,” documenting his journey out of the church. Ryan reflects on the ten-year anniversary of leaving behind his work as a pastor and how his views on god and religion have changed in that time. Ryan discusses his shift in focus from the “god question” to humanism and his work in organizing and tenant rights. 

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I Doubt It #154 – “Ryan Bell from Life After God (In-Studio), Dave from Mississippi on Donald Trump, Damon Wayans on ‘Rapeable’ Women, Which Candidates Support Kim Davis, and Bible or Heavy Metal Lyric?”

Jesse and Brittany have Ryan Bell in-studio to discuss his newest project entitled ‘Life After God’, he joins the show to discuss an email from Dave in Mississippi on Donald Trump, Damon Wayans’ interview where he indicates some women are rape-able, the presidential candidates that support Kim Davis and the ones who don’t, and we play a little game of Bible or Heavy Metal lyric.
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