#684 – “All Kinds of Problems, Tucker Carlson’s Racist Defenses, Shep Smith Returns, Wallace vs. Trump, and Takin’ Care of Biz feat. Little Girls.”

Jesse and Brittany return to give updates on the last few weeks regarding their family medical emergency, Popeye’s health, and Jesse’s slipper incident, as well as discuss a listener voicemail related to voting for Joe Biden, Tucker Carlson’s racist head writer and subsequent attempts at distraction, Shepard Smith’s return to reporting the news, Chris Wallace’s insane interview with Donald Trump, and Takin’ Care of Biz featuring little girls schooling Andrew Neil. 

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Youtube nobody, podcast host, mildly talented (future failed) writer, and human... I'm playing the rest by ear! (657) 464-7609

One comment on “#684 – “All Kinds of Problems, Tucker Carlson’s Racist Defenses, Shep Smith Returns, Wallace vs. Trump, and Takin’ Care of Biz feat. Little Girls.”

  1. Richard Wayne Russell says:

    After 155 years you would think that racism would nearly extinct in a free society! But 401 years of racism and bigotry mental programming is a lot to get out of our consciousness as a society! I was a member of The Sons of Confederate Veterans which I joined to study history! But over time things just got out of history to rewriting history to support the Southern cause! I got into trouble because ! would not say the pledge of allegiance to the Confederate Flag and swear an oath to the Confederate Constitution! I was in the US NAVY and took the oath to defend and honor the US Constitution! To me saying the pledge to the Confederate flag a swear an oath to the Confederate Constitution was being traitorous to the USA! I was raised in a black community in the late 50s to mid-70s. I was bused to a white school in the late 60s. Black people are the same as white people we all are Homo sapiens! Aunt Ella used to keep me and my sister at night while my single mother worked midnights. Aunt Ella was in her late 80s in the 60s. She dressed like the old Aunt Jemima including the headscarf! Afterschool Aunt Ella would give us sweet potato pie and real cream milk while telling us stories about Roanoke Va. before electricity and gas. She told us of the KKK marching in Roanoke in the 1920s. I have negatives that my Grandfather of that march. He got beat up during that march because he was against them. She had no education but was very smart in the old ways. She taught me how to gather Poke salad, take care of chickens, she taught us how to cook and made us do our homework! Aunt Ella was my second mother that I loved very much! I’m glad the military has now banned the Confederate flags on bases. We need to change the names of the military bases that are named after Confederate officers! It’s about time Trump is fact-checked to his lying orange goonish face! Black Lives Matter, Brown Lives Matter, Red Lives Matter, and Yellow Lives Matter! Trump is such a pathological liar! Did Trump have someone to take the very hard test for him? 142,000 dead and now wanting to send children back to school while the pandemic is still in full swing! It the Great Genocide of the American poor and their children! If Trump refuses to leave if he loses the election then we will have to kick him out of the White House and strait into Fort Leavenworth for the rest of his life! My Grandfather fought the Germans in WW1 and the KKK in 1920, marched t Washington DC with the Bonus Army in 1932! So I will do my part in 2020 if the orange clown will not leave in January 2021! Hope your daughter is doing well and we all love you!

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