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6 comments on Jesse and Brittany

  1. Huge fan of your show, but maybe not since I knew about the Amazon thing, but didn’t buy 400 dollars worth of lousy school books through it recently. Probably out of spite, right? No, seriously, I really do like the show, I listen to everyone of them, Brittany, you are wonderful, Jesse, sometimes I want to punch you in the dick over the things you say, not that I disagree with anything in particular. I think it’s your lovely, flowery personality.

    FYI, I am not putting your number on speed dial.

    1. Burnt says:

      How am I the last comment on here, and from 2014?

  2. Erika says:

    Hi Jesse and Brittany! First, love the show. I’m a newer fan, but I’ve been binge-listening to the older episodes and I just had to let you both know how much I enjoy the information you share.

    As sort of a preface, I want to explain a couple of things….. I am familiar with both of you through mutual friends and we’ve had a couple of brief discussions on Facebook regarding religion and related matters. Maybe I should add here that I’ve had a couple glasses of wine and my grammar/punctuation is usually the first thing to go, so my apologies in advance. Anyway, to make a long story short, I’ve very recently decided that I felt a need to explore my own thoughts and reasoning relative to whatever moral standpoints I’ve held for a long while. This may seem like it’s not a huge deal, it’s sort of the thing people should do, right? Well, I’ve sort of been on default mode for the past 10-12 years…..married, kids, divorce, remarried, another kid, jobs, and on and on. People often get so wrapped up in just dealing with what’s immediately in front of them that they forget to challenge themselves, to question why it is they think the way they do about certain things. And in my case, when they finally I finally got a chance to come up for some air, I realized that the beliefs I held on to were not my own. I sat and consciously made myself reason through a couple of difficult issues I was wrestling with, and I ultimately came to the conclusion that, among many other things, I am closer to atheism than I am to the Christianity I was trying so hard to believe in. As I’m sure you both know when you get to that point after being in almost the complete opposite for the longest time, you don’t really know where to start as far as where to build this new foundation.

    Yikes, this is getting really long…..I’m almost done, I swear.

    To make a REALLY long story short, it is a newly learned process for me to make thoughtful and non-emotional or non-default decisions about things that I would have otherwise just spouted off some nonsense that I didn’t truly think through. I hope you both understand that writing to you is a little intimidating for me, and choose to show some grace in judging my some-college-education words or thoughts too harshly. That is precisely why I am writing, though… a short time you’ve taught me how to begin to think critically and logically, for which I am thankful. We all have to start somewhere, right? 🙂

    Keep up the good work!

    1. maximus trajan says:

      That’s awesome!! Proud of you! We need to celebrate science and reasoning in this crazy time of reactionary anti-science denial and persecution! Glad to have you on our side! Critical thinkers are needed and wanted! Good luck with your new found life!

  3. Donald Trump says:

    I wonder if Brittany has to often share her tampons with the sissyfied, feminine acting libtard, Jesse Madison? I could only imagine the aweful sex life of that poor girl. She could do better than that bloated goat breath parasite.

    1. Donald tRump, just cause she finds you distasteful only means she has good taste. Meaning?, you’re a mental midget thus she can’t stand to be around that thing on your head. Yes we are well aware it’s a snap on wig.

      DOUCHEBAG Donnie, the song “Go away little boy”, that’s about you, SAF 45. The thought that you think of Brittany is OH So GROSS. You have a mail order bride. Brittany is American aka not your type.. just cause your IQ is the same as your height means “You’re Stupid”, genius wannabe.

      Take a hint and Beat It (you only need two fingers to do so). Dang it, every time I mention you, I need to soak in Clorox. Just like Pence. To remove tRump ilk. I wish someone would snatch that wig off your head, wait that would be tragic for the human that’s willing to do that. They may die from a cardiac arrest. I know, kill yourself and you’ll make History, first FAUXTUS to commit suicide in the Oval Office.

      You’ll go down as an asterisk or an ink spot as The Worst Human that tried to become a dictator in the US of A. BTW; polls show that 80% of Americans dislike the color orange. Gee, I wonder why??

      Bye, Felicia

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