poverty is a policy choice

#869 – “An Interview with Jesse Rabinowitz on Ending Homelessness!”

Jesse and Brittany welcome Jesse Rabinowitz, MSW, LGSW, Senior Manager of Policy and Advocacy with Miriam’s Kitchen in DC to discuss his work to end homelessness. Jesse also works on The Way Home DC Campaign to end chronic homelessness in Washington DC. Together, they discuss Jesse’s background, education, and experience working to end homelessness in DC. Additionally, they discuss the importance of Housing First policies and the ways that people across the country can get involved in their own communities to promote change and work to end homelessness. 

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#843 – “Justice for Keenan Anderson, George Santos’ Lies, Biden’s Classified Docs, and A$$hole of Today feat. ID Rep. Jack Nelsen.”

Jesse and Brittany discuss their move (hopefully the last one for a while), listener emails and voicemails related to colonoscopies and caring for the unhoused, an art gallery owner who turned a hose on an unhoused woman in San Francisco, the death of Keenan Anderson at the hands of police in Los Angeles and the record number of police killings in the year 2022, the saga of George Santos as he begins his time as an elected Congressman, President Joe Biden’s classified document problem and how it differs from that of Donald Trump’s, A$$hole of Today feat. ID Rep. Jack Nelsen.